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Project Description
this is an opensource scene graph component based on OpenGL.
it is a trying to learn from OpenSceneGraph
0.1 (OpenGL)
In this version,we will provide a serial of code snippets on how to use OpenGL in C#. This is the base of the whole library,we should make sure that we are very good at OpenGL before we really start to do a scene graph manager.

0.2 (HowtoScene,HowtoScene.Gui)
In this version,we will implement a thread library according to the interface of OpenThreads which is used in OpenSceneGraph.
and also the core libarary of HowtoScene. It is the real start of this project,we hope we could do Gui module at the same time.

0.3 (HowtoScene.Manipulator,HowtoScene.Engine)
In this version,we will able to display the scene on screen and also provide a mechanism on how to manipulate it.

how could we store our data in external device.we are going to define a standard file format and also provide a plug-in mechanism so that we can support that file formats indirectly.

0.5 ...

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